Sandomu Care Management System

Its like having more carers at a fraction of the cost

Carers Phone View

The number in the grey circle denotes the tasks to be carried out. The number in the red circle denotes tasks that have been missed.

Patient Care Plan

Click on the patient’s image and detailed information appears for the carer. More information is provided on clicking each action. Every action is time stamped and logged.

  • Automated tasks
  • Safe, Secure and Easy to Use
  • Instant Access to information
  • Pre-fill forms from information already in the system
  • Instant notification of missed medications or tasks
  • Cloud Based System works on PC, Tablet and Smart Phone
  • Archiving and much, much more…

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Do you spend hours filling in forms?

Forms can be generated at the click of a button using information you have already input in the system. 


How much time could that save you?

The critical information around daily tasks and schedules, incident reports, patient health recording, treatment monitoring all recorded at the click of a button, Alerts to indicate if an action has been missed and so much more, is instantly uploaded and accessible to all. 


Safe, Secure and Easy to use

The result is less paperwork, fewer mistakes and more time for patient care. This is a comprehensive Care Management System.


Sandomu can manage more than one residential care home from one log-in.