Why Your Care Provision Needs An Automated Reporting System

Every Residential Care Home or Domicilliary Care Service Provider has a requirement to record information across many and sometimes unrelated fields. Everything from patient assessments, care provision, medicinal needs, tracking staff, staff records, building maintenance, incident reports, the list goes on and on.

Imagine if all these records could be recorded as the processes were carried out and stored in one system for future retrieval. That is no double handling of information, write once and save. Imagine if the information you need is available at the click of a button. Imagine if the data in the system could be queried to help you make better informed decisions. Imagine how much easier your initial patient assessments could be. Imagine how much time you could save on administration.

Administration is always a heavy burden in the Care industry because records need to kept and the methodologies are often time consuming and repetitive. A Care Management Software Platform must be designed to provide management and staff with automated reporting, so they are always up to speed on their resident’s and patient’s needs.

Why is Automated Reporting Important?

Care homes have a huge weight on their shoulders. With many residents or patients with many different requirements throughout the day, it can be difficult to keep up with everybody’s medical and personal needs. Especially when those records are in different places and formats.

This is why automated reporting systems are a much simpler method of adhering to all the day’s tasks. Instead of hunting down the next task of the day, automated reporting sends them to you. This saves your staff the leg-work and makes for more efficient and integrated care provision.

Why is Integrated Care Important?

Integrated care is the process of combining all a patient’s health needs in one place. It makes all a person’s medical history and needs readily available. One of the most common integrated care functions is to combine the knowledge of the different teams looking after a patient’s physical and mental health.

By integrating the care of an individual, it is not only beneficial to their safety and wellbeing, but it also makes the jobs of the professionals looking after them much easier and avoids potential mistakes that could lead to disastrous results. In a care home setting, this is crucial in providing better care management.

The Sandomu Solution

Sandomu is fantastic software specifically made for the care home sector and the purposes of integrating care and providing staff with timely information in one accountable care system.

The care management software offers carers integrated care information, a space for communication between staff to integrate within the care home as well, and a way to record care provided such as medicines administered. All of these capabilities are streamlined into one place which can be accessed on ipad, tablet or smartphone devices right in the pocket of your staff. They no longer have to waste time hunting down specific files throughout the day.

Sandomu is a modular system so you only need to use what you need. There are many modules to choose from and if something you need isn’t there we’ll create it for you.

The Sandomu system can also be customised for your business. That is logos, naming procedures for any task and even specialist functions or additional fields in existing forms. The Sandomu Care Management Platform really needs to be seen to appreciate the full value it can bring

Call today and arrange a demo and see how Sandomu can save you time and assist your business.